Secure Your Finances and Privacy With The h.way Monarca Mastercard

Ensure the safety of your money with 24/7 fraud and identity theft protection, giving you the assurance of complete security features from MasterCard ID Theft ProtectionTM

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MasterCard ID Theft ProtectionTM provides invaluable peace of mind, enabling you to concentrate on managing and expanding your wealth without the burden of potential threats.

Multi-layered security for robust defense against unauthorized access

Digital wallet protection for secure mobile payment transactions

Enhanced security for confident transactions and account management

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MasterCard ID Theft ProtectionTM actively defends against the significant and escalating threat of fraud, aiming to protect individuals from unauthorized usage of personal documents and accounts.

Credit monitoring to detect unauthorized activity and identity theft

Get notified when someone uses your SSN, bank account number, driver’s license, passport, email or physical address

Lost wallet assistance for quick card cancellation and reissuance


After signing up for MasterCard ID Theft ProtectionTM, you’ll have round-the-clock customer support so you can always seek help if you suspect any fraudulent activities on your account—actively providing security and peace of mind.

Single-point contact for convenient resolution of concerns

Proactive fraud alerts for immediate action against potential fraud

Data breach notifications to stay informed and take necessary steps

Toll Free Calls
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Customer Testimonials

“Yes best banking ever took me like 6 min be member, u guys perfect 💜💜💜”


"Took me just seconds to setup an account and start using. Very intuitive app and user friendly. Love the low/no fee model as well. Thanks h.way!."


"Extraordinaria y aceptada en todas partes , con facilidad y fácil contacto nunca estas sin dinero manteniéndola en tu billetera apple , no se te puede olvidar A+."


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