Why h.way?

h.way began when we found ourselves in a financial cul-de-sac back in 2015, and we asked ourselves how to overcome barriers to unleash our community potential, including us. Back then, we looked for ways to bridge and build a financial platform that addresses the disparity towards our Hispano and Latin community.

Our shared experience and mutual understanding of the pains, difficulties, and barriers to becoming a successful entrepreneur foster the need to build a "Digital Banking Infrastructure" to overcome and lower traditional barriers, create value, and reduce the social gap.

h.way today

We offer a financial platform delivered throughout mobile Apps based on a multi-channel digital strategy. We created a digital community to listen and raise our voices, and we stick to a zero-tolerance policy for the disparity, inequality, and predatory lending practices.


H.Way was founded in 2019 by Lionel, Raul, and Marcela. We want to bank up our community to create generational wealth.

What we do?

We provide financial products and services with the power to improve people's lives with more economic prosperity by getting their money to work as hard as they do. Our brand is driven by the tangible benefit that makes a product or service desirable through clever, successful marketing.

The level of collective focus in the different financial mainstreams is the key to fending off barriers. We implemented a unique KYC360 on both ends of every transaction, accepting all governmental IDs, including foreign ones. Our community is not visible to the credit bureaus; therefore, we create alternative scoring methods for people to become subject to credit. We continue working to develop new products and services to go beyond expectations.