Borderless transfers FOR FAMILIES OR TEAMS

Easily link up to four international users by opening a Monarca Duo account

Three iphones with different colors and numbers on them.

Personalized Debit cards

Each person receives their personalized debit card, but you get to fund each card with the exact amount you decide.

Link up to four debit cards to an account

Hassle-free spending with their own cards

Fee-less cash withdraws in Latin America at a fair exchange rate*


Manage the money you send internationally to family and teams with simple borderless transfers sent to their debit cards.

Link family and teams to avoid third-party fees

Track spending to improve your budget

Choose amounts that work best for you


Day-to-day expense are easier to manage with international accounts. Decide the amount of money to load so family or teams can get ahead.

Control overspending and bad shopping habits

Track everyday family expenses

Transfer money internationally between accounts

Customer Testimonials

“Yes best banking ever took me like 6 min be member, u guys perfect 💜💜💜”


"Took me just seconds to setup an account and start using. Very intuitive app and user friendly. Love the low/no fee model as well. Thanks h.way!."


"Extraordinaria y aceptada en todas partes , con facilidad y fácil contacto nunca estas sin dinero manteniéndola en tu billetera apple , no se te puede olvidar A+."


team up with Monarca duo

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