h.way is all about the people

Our journey at h.way started in 2015, trapped in a frustrating financial cul-de-sac, reflecting on the burning question: 

How can we demolish the checkpoints holding back our community's true wealth potential?

our story

Big dreams starts with small ideas

Those dreams became reality, recreating a financial experience for our community

In 2019, h.way was brought to life by three visionary minds: Lionel, Raul, and Marcela. United by a shared purpose, they set out to uplift and empower our community, driven by a burning desire to build a foundation of generational wealth. With their expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment, they have laid the groundwork for a financial revolution that will reshape the lives of countless individuals and families. Together, they form the driving force behind h.way, propelling us toward a future where prosperity is borderless.

our mission

Standing with our community since day one

We embarked on a mission to revolutionize the financial landscape, driven by a deep desire to bridge the gap and empower the Hispanic community. Our founders, armed with firsthand experiences and a profound understanding of the pains, difficulties, and obstacles aspiring entrepreneurs face, knew that a radical shift was needed.

We constructed a formidable "Digital Banking Infrastructure" with unwavering determination designed to shatter traditional barriers, unlock untapped value, and narrow the social divide. We envisioned a future where financial services would be accessible, inclusive, and tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of our community.

Drawing upon our collective expertise, we tirelessly built a fintech company that defies convention. We are pioneers in understanding the financial nuances of the Hispanic markets, enabling us to develop innovative solutions that address individuals' and businesses' specific challenges.But our story is not just about us—it is about you.

Through h.way, entrepreneurs can realize their dreams, families can achieve financial stability, and communities can flourish again.

Our journey is marked by remarkable milestones, propelling us forward as champions of your financial empowerment.













Value proposition


See the h.way difference—a transformative money experience inspired by Hispanics

Borderless transfers

Develop advanced fintech to send money around the world, even faster and at the lowest cost.

advanced security

Partner with security professionals to keep accounts and personal data out of the wrong hands.

Customer opportunity

Pioneer lifestyle-inspired fintech that is relatable and easy for our community to understand.


the best of the best working together

By joining forces with trusted and renowned organizations, h.way strengthens its position as a trailblazer in the fintech industry. Together, we are breaking barriers, delivering exceptional experiences, and propelling the Hispanic community toward a brighter financial future.

Metropolitan Commercial Bank





our community

Inspired by hispanics, not only for hispanics

We don't just stop at providing financial services; we actively engage with and invest in the Hispanic communities. Through initiatives, partnerships, and events, we foster a vibrant ecosystem that nourishes entrepreneurship, uplifts individuals, and promotes a future of shared prosperity.

But as Hispanics, we know what it’s like to be kept away from better opportunities, so we welcome everyone to join our community.

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