The valuable money lessons from the parents of the h.way team

At h.way, our mission is to provide our clients with the necessary tools and financial solutions to achieve economic freedom and manage their finances intelligently. However, we recognize that financial learning doesn't only come from experts in the field but also from the experiences and advice of those who raised us.

In honor of Father's Day, we reached out to our talented team and asked them to share the best money advice they received from their parents. These are the valuable financial lessons they passed on to us:

Lionel C, Founder

"Money matters the most when you don't have it"... That's why you have to save or generate surplus.

Alejandro A, Analytics Manager

It had some logic: "Money is meant to be spent, but spent wisely."

Patricia R, Support

"If someone asks to borrow money, lend them half of what they ask for... or better yet, don't lend at all ;D"

Hector C, CTO

"Don't spend more than you earn and always think about saving, you never know when you might need it for unexpected situations."

Sonia R, Support

"Study and prepare yourself, so if  one day you are alone, you are strong and don't need anyone."

Julio A, CMO

"Only use credit to buy a house. If you don't have money for something, it's better not to buy it."

Marisa K, Developer

"In our country (Argentina), the dollar is the best investment you can have, so the advice I always received is, if I have extra money at the end of the month, buy dollars."

Alexander P, Creative Director

"Invest in yourself before stock markets and 401Ks."

Regina P, Social Media

My dad always says, "Save for tomorrow, but don't deprive yourself of today."

Axel G, Art Director

"Make consistent savings, but spend on what you really need"

The financial advice from our parents can leave a lasting impact and provide a solid foundation for a successful financial life. At h.way, we value these valuable lessons and recognize the importance of sharing financial knowledge across generations. We hope that these tips from the h.way team inspire you to reflect on the wise financial advice you have received from your parents and apply them in your own life. Remember, financial education is a constant journey that empowers you to make informed decisions and achieve your economic goals. Happy Father's Day!

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