h.way helps celebrate Battle of Puebla with production at the US Capitol

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — May 5, 2022 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — On May 4, Teatro del Corazón | Heart Theatre will launch its next immersive production to create new memories from the U.S. Capitol and to celebrate the famous Battle of Puebla that took place in 1862.

Teatro del Corazón’s latest production combines the art of storytelling with stellar musical performances by professional musicians from the D.C. area, including opera star and US Army Veteran, Jesús Daniel Hernández, “the Walking Tenor”, Mariachi Mensajeros del Sur, and Mariachi Misterio. They reorchestrated the unofficial anthem from the city of Puebla, "Que Chula es Puebla," by fusing two seemingly unique musical styles. The result? A rousing rendition that will help to heal the nation. Teatro del Corazón’s uplifting production, from the seat of power in Washington, D.C., contrasts the darkness the world remembers from the events of January 6.

Filmed on the United States Capitol grounds, From DC to Puebla with Love is a musical celebration of what Cinco de Mayo is all about. The song and its meaning remind us that this celebratory affair is not only about beer and nachos but about the famous battle in Puebla where the Mexican Army declared victory over the French. Anecdotal evidence suggests that most people mistakenly believe Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day.

"This production is in homage to the U.S Capitol Police and our Democracy. We believe that the healing power of music can soothe the soul and bring more joy to our lives", said Felipe Benitez, Co-Founder of Teatro del Corazón.

"Since our fans are global, we always want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our productions. We believe that united and connected; we can change the world. Because hate is so 2020, “ said Stacy Whittle, Co-founder of Teatro del Corazón.

Their latest production goes live on May 4 at 8 pm HERE. It will be available on Facebook, YouTubeVR, and Vimeo beginning on May 5.

The production was supported by h.way, a borderless digital bank with the purpose of eliminating the financial abuse within the US Hispanics and helping them move up financially to improve their lives.  From inexplicable fees and abusive exchange rates when sending money abroad to unfair maintenance and overdraft fees, h.way seeks to leverage cutting-edge financial technology to create a service and experience built with the U.S. Hispanics needs and culture at the core.

“We are proud to support the work of Teatro de Corazón and their latest production that celebrates the origins of Cinco de Mayo. To deliver on our purpose of growing by creating value for our customers, beyond fees and celebrate what this date truly means to our culture, we are making it possible for consumers who would like to send money to Mexico, to do so without paying any fees and at fair exchange rate.  We would like today to be remembered as the date where we also declared the battle against the financial services that overcharge for sending money to our loved ones in Mexico.  We are replacing predatory financial practices with a new way, the h.way, because we believe that your money belongs to you and your family, not to the intermediaries that help you handle it” remarked Lionel Carrasco, h.way’s Founder and CEO.

About Teatro del Corazón

Teatro del Corazón | Heart Theatre, a woman and Latino-led non-profit production company, transforms the live performance landscape by connecting audiences to the creative content they love through physical, online, and immersive experiences. Connect with them on Facebook and at www.hearttheatre.net

h.way provides financial products and services with the power to improve U.S. Hispanic communities’ lives with more economic prosperity by getting their money to work as hard as they do. Some of the benefits of banking with h.way include:

ZERO FEES money transfers to Mexico, investment and debt-management tools.
NO maintenance, overdraft fees, or minimum balance required.
$1,000 for unexpected medical expenses. FDIC insured to $250K.
Launch is planned in the next few weeks. Join the waitlist now to be able to send money to Mexico without paying fees and a fair exchange rate and participate in our weekly drawing of prizes. Follow h.way on Facebook and Instagram @h.wayapp and on TikTok @h.wayfam

Through h.way, Leap Financial is building the next generation of tech-enabled banking for Hispanic Americans

In 1904, Italian-American entrepreneur Amadeo Giannini founded the Bank of Italy to support fellow working-class Italian immigrants in San Francisco. The company played an important role in the community – for instance, it was one of the first banks that offered loans to rebuild businesses after an earthquake and fire in 1906 decimated the city.

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